Janusz Szydłowski – actor, stage director, educator, Doctor of Arts. Graduate of the National Academy of Theatre Arts in Krakow.

During his studies, he was one of the founders and actor of the Theatre STU. Co-founder of Grupa Proscenium operating by the Rozmaitości Theatre in Krakow.

In 1983, he emigrated from Poland. He lived in Italy, where he studied Italian, literature and drama at the Instituto Dante Alighieri in Bologna, while simultaneously working as a teacher at the Instituto Superiore di Studi Musicali “O. Vecchi – A. Tonelli” in Modena and Carpi. At the invitation of the New Theatre run by Polish emigrants, he moved to London, where he was acting on stage for twelve years, founded the Agency Theatre, was leading and directing the From A-to-Z cabaret, with which he toured the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Sweden and Latin America.

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In 1997, he directed the show Perły Kabaretu Mariana Hemara [The Pearls of Marian Hemar's cabaret] at the Scena Pod Ratuszem stage of the Nowa Huta Theatre, in which he was also playing a role. In 2008, this performance was staged at the Rampa Theatre, where it was subsequently played for almost 10 years. In 1998, his Perfect Wedding was nominated for the Krakow Golden Mask award as the best show of the year. Further on, he also directed this farce in Katowice, Sosnowiec and Tarnów.

His subsequent works as a director includes: A Rise In The Market, The Oldest Profession and No Sex Please, We're British.

Together with Jan Polewka, he wrote the script and directed Anda, the first diploma performance of the Vocal-Acting Department of the National Academy of Theatre Arts in Krakow, which had the form of a music and cabaret evening based on Andy Kitschmann’s songs.

He prepared for the Bagatela Theatre and the Komedia Theatre in Warsaw, a musical adaptation of the Mysterious Garden (1999), which is still played on the stage of the Bagatela Theatre, where he uses to prepare every 2–3 years young actors for the role of Mary and Colin.

On the stage of the Krakow Opera, he directed the world première of Steven Markwick’s musical Little Lord (2011) and for the STU Theatre, he co-translated and directed the dance comedy That's Love.


Awarded with several artistic and theatre prizes, including:

  • Złoty Ekran for the role of Janota in the television theatre production Gody życia [Nuptials of Life] directed by M. Prus (1970),
  • Golden Mask for the direction of the Mysterious Garden at the Bagatela Theatre (2001),
  • Honorary Mention Złoty Liść Retro for the direction of Perły Kabaretu Mariana Hemara [The Pearls of Marian Hemar's cabaret] at the Rampa Theatre (2008)

and above all:

  • the distinction of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage: Gloria Artis (2009) and
  • the medal of the Mayor of the City of Krakow Honoris Gratia (2011).